Services Offered

To make a complex project as easy as possible, we have everything you need in one place, under one roof. Working within a single organization allows for a smoother flow from one project phase to the next. This is a client benefit most construction companies are unable to offer.

From the initial drawings to the final walkthrough, American Iron Works, LLC handles everything, always keeping you updated and giving you peace of mind. Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and we’re delighted and honored to work with each one, regardless of project size.

Engineering – Our highly-qualified structural engineers plan, design and create our drawings and specifications. They also oversee new building construction as well as alterations or extensions to existing structures.

Fabrication – We fabricate in-house, and also rely on a team of fabricators who secure the proper materials and prepare them for use, making all the required cuts, welds and drilling in preparation for building.

Erection Crew – Our erection crew is responsible for putting the building parts together and actually erecting the structure. 

Construction Management – We also offer commercial and industrial construction management, eliminating the need to seek out and hire a third party to make sure your project is progressing as it should. 

Our construction management team is available to supervise every phase of the project, ensuring completion of your project on time and within budget. 

Contractor licenses are typically issued based on a company’s assets and experience. Most contractors have a set limit on their license and can only manage projects up to a certain dollar amount. 

American Iron Works is proud to have been awarded an unlimited license from the state of Tennessee.